Monday, April 25, 2011

sentimental daydream

"We live in a time when meaning falls in splinters from our lives."
Yet we can still define a time and space where gracious living thrives.
If we agree to find religious zeal to leave ill will behind
Adding up wars' costs, be sure to double
Then multiply by the loss and the trouble
Sweep our feet up out from the rubble
to build on our better dreams
the world we want to see
Every day when again we rise
sweet beauty could greet our eyes
If we each could decide, what meaning would we will to advertise?
March 25, 2011

collective consciousness released to dance in expanding space

collective consciousness released to dance in expanding space

Zest for jest unbound
Majesty lovingly reconfigures silence
doom, gloom
concecrate violence
Sorcery She exhumes
with such vigor
to trigger excruciating revelation
The pinnacle falls
all those stationary stones
of faith
What luck!
No burden left to tether
to weigh down
Insubstantial ground
demands no obeisance

biology's tedious dependence
materiality's limits
boundaries of this physical plane
beyond explanation
to imagining
beyond capacity
of dream

April 2011
These cute little children grow
under the influences you don't even notice
surrounded by you
and those you bring into their lives.
We become who we innately are,
but with twists and colorations,
turned to advantage
or turned to waste,
or turned insecure, unsure, lacking substance.
Self-knowledge as the bright path
to ecstasy
is all well and good.
In this hard-edged world,
what is the purpose of ecstasy,
or knowledge that can't be sold?
Are children listening?


You give yourself away
And wonder why you have no clout
or what your life is all about
this dismal little play
You cringe each time they shout
Expect each day to die at last,
when you cry that no one asks,
your worth always at doubt
You never learned to mask
to let them think you were their kin
to never ever let them in
or get close to their grasp
You let yourself be prey
Amazed at watching spiders spin
you fall into their grotesque grin
a victim of dismay
You gave yourself away
April 22, 2011

post-resurrection deconstruction

And He became The One
as we all came together
in His direction
anointing Him our Saviour
We, so ready to be saved
from evil history
from slavery and hate
looking for a better fate
for our kids
(and, don't kid yourself, ourselves).
Caught up, trapped, in the trappings
of fashion-conscious
altered consciousness
Drugs to cure us of our many flaws
because if you're not flawless you
haven't got a chance
in marketplace fierce competition.
A youthful escapade can ruin you
for the life
of peers' and elders' expectations.
And then where are you?
May as well be burning in eternal
damnation -- at last
At least Satan wants you
for your sins.
In a mythical colony,
far from their petulant King
it is said a people
fought and died, and lived again
for freedom.
It is said such pageant plays
are still performed today.
"Freedom is not Free; but based
on blood sacrifice."  They say.
Freedom dependent on militia,
on strictly disciplined troops
firing into pregnant crowds.
Ancient dreamers foretold
potent prophecy.
We will not listen.
We insist on martyrdom
worshipping, as we do,
cults of murder.
This human life leads inexorably
to eternal death,
just as we demand,
when we all come together
anointing yet another One.
What do we sacrifice?
Who do we put to the knife?
Ishmaels and Isaacs
innocent half-brothers
who could be at puppy play
building healthy bodies and confidence
in the rays of blessing.
What God is this?
What holy source of life
commands atrocity?
Oh, silly man
boys in battle
regressed in the tragedies
of childhood.
If the mentor class had flourished
we would be brothers building
shining cities of light
and gracious commerce
to the greater glory of
love, honor, reason,
all the blessed gifts
we profane,
we sacrifice
to a Lord of flies and
So You Say You Want a Revelation?
Disappointed mystic exile John,
eager to besiege his jailors
rendering unto Caesar
tales of woe and destruction
of Biblical proportion:
"The burning bush told me.  I swear it's true."
Beware the ides, the armies of Megiddo,
the smoke and mirrors,
the mushroom clouds
invading our memories.
"I send you these frantic missives,
Oh my Christian soldiers.
Do not stray from Yahweh.
Look what He has done to His
soul-begotten Son,
in a fit of divinity."
I believe Jesus made it his mission,
gave every effort and sacrifice,
to save his mortal family
from mad jealous wrath of Dad.
His words clear, actions legend.
So sad that sheep easily forget,
falling under the evil eye
of any would-be butcher
slavering to grow strong on
the currency of blood.
There are beasts, and Beasts
numbering in legions.
Days end, begin, end again.
Murdering souls in the Name
of the Redeemer.  Oh, the Rapture!
Any sane Judgment would leave us
drowning in bitter tears.
I am begging:
Open your eyes, minds, hearts.
Open and learn.
True revelation awaits in every leaf and vein,
in every newborn cry
revealing pain
is meant to be a message
of active compassion,
to nurture a future
kinder than the past.
A Different Voice
"Mommy, don't make me!
Don't keep me and hate me.
Your poisoned womb
tears my soul.
Please let me go."
"Child, it will be alright.
I'll give you to strangers
who have prayed for your life."
"No, Mommy.  Don't you see?
I am your destiny.
Please release me.  Do what you must.
In this inner voice, put your trust.
Grieving, set my spirit free.
You know this is meant to be.
We know how much you care.
This is your cross to bear."
God's Warriors
Squeezing the breath
out of my heart
Squeezing the love
out of my mind
Squeezing the life
out of my soul
in your quest to conquer,
constrain, consecrate all
to your narrow creed.
There is no room in your congealed soul
for recognition of the cruel suffering
welcomed by your prayers,
the damage of your arrogant disrespect
upon Creation.
Having built the fires of Hell
to burn your perceived enemy,
letting evil loose upon
the Earth we were meant to share
in peace and prosperity,
proving only that the Word
you claim your guide
you ignorantly ill-define,
expecting salvation
through worshipping sin.
There Is Only One Sin
Christ died to save us
for the sin of hubris.
But you can't be forgiven
while you persist
in claiming your own definitions
as Truth,
then using this madness
as righteous excuse
to quell self-expression
that you proclaim "sin,"
persecuting lifestyles not
condoned by your kin.
Because, truth is the All
Knowing and Giving
includes multitudes as
expressions of living.
Now, you've been enlightened
to the need for amends
to people outside of
yourself and your friends.
Yes, bend down on your knees
while you open your eyes,
humbled by truth revealed,
loving and wise.
Thank God, Good Friday
He came back
And we can worship, believe
Not like everyone else
He did not abandon us
Dying in a far off war, leaving
ashen legacy
never enough
starvation for affection, attention
pummeling harsh walls with
bloody fists
Banging against the icy windowpane
crying salt, oceanic sorrow
"I tried to be good.  I hated hearing
your screams of disappointment
muffled shameful despair
because this was not the life
you bargained for in the
promised land beyond
hot desert wanders"
Desert, resurrected sea
where we all began
Sliding along rock formations
begetting, begatting, belonging
to the Earth, mud creatures
breathing molecules of air,
baking in the Sun
Ready for sacrifice
carrying crosses along a huge column
era to era
Atlas's and Eves
burdens of responsibility
our sacred contract
broken every time you speak of God
"Take not my Name"
for words have consequence
A cross requires two lines meeting
A Crucifixion
requires juxtapositions of history,
people in bondage
to their own ideas
Sally, won't you go
Pick up some teabag party
We'll teach 'em tricks of trade
from streets walled in by
Ain't this nation grand
for glad hands raised in celebration
of shames we dare not name.
Hallelujah  Hallelucinations
Hallowed ground baptized
in blood
Saved from the cleansing Flood
by sticking to our kind
however we're defining us today
If we were meant to live
a different way
wouldn't He have told us?