Friday, June 23, 2017


Silent Queen
trapped in a moment
she cannot change,
nor break,
or even know she is having.
Caught in a snit, a snare,
a flounce of royal petulance
and scent of fear
no thought outside this moment’s
pique.  Never to speak, or hear.
Berserkish rammers
road ragers, suicidal shrews,
roaring expression of human
imperative, collective unconscious
will to destroy 
The Second Sunset of Summer
Jeweled sparkle through
emblazoned green
stages of darkening
becomes a screen
to cast a scene from memory
or what ought have been.
I see a field of play,
of poets and Pans gaily a’song
while playmates take a laugh,
a dance,
a merry evening’s holiday.
On roads of old (a half-century or so)
firefly pipers inspire
hopeful wild ones to be.
Free flight like in infant dreams
before boundaries.
Summer melt of sun and mud;
heat mellows, liquifies icy
tensions.  Beat down, swallowed in
sweat, too hot for questions
to make sense.
Sunset soothes.  Withered
inhibitions lubricated, removed as
peeled skin reveals raw resurrection.
Inexorable romp we claim
to desire, defined by starlight.

Friday, June 16, 2017


hubris of responsibility
bereft of gifts
lacking energy to respond
Poor, shallow thinkers abound
yet we insist on mollifying their
shouts of equality, absorbing into
their sloppy, squishy discourse
Make America States Again!
Gave it all away for love
never received
Let  my life be paved by fictionhs
I believed
Nothing left to give (never expected
an end like this)
No bright blessings call
Empty space absorbed as pain
because I gave it all
Nothing but empty days, drugged out nights
Condemned to oozing rights, rites that
never quell the pain
Not punishment for shame – no blame
our run replaced, fit to this crumbling cage.
Don’t You Feel Sick Too?