Saturday, July 2, 2016


Traveling Artistic Reason Derived Imaginary Space
Unable to pass
I make most folks uneasy
No privilege here
Just move on through
to get to the end
What more can you do?
I share what I know – no interest in convincing --
a free gift.
Trump for the worst of us
Sanders for the best of us
Clinton for those who stick with
the devil we know
synchronicity of thoughtstreams as Neptune goes retro square Saturn
Old enemy a friend in waiting -- teaching if I will but listen
instead of running, silent screaming, beating my breast from within,
re-breaking, re-breaking a heart so shattered, not to reset but to bleed
and then, a whisper: "yes, reset, remember with new respect for who you have always been but feared to see"
This ally silently screaming within my deepest heart, my darkest dreams
"Listen, love and revere this wild child who laughs at whirlwinds and dances to life's changing, challenging melodies.
Be free to sing along without inhibition or internalized mockery.
This is our time, yours and mine, to be wonderfilled."?
Spirals out to airless space
No way I survive
I become oblivion
I see enmity where alliance could be nurtured, if only we were certain of honest regard
I attend to those whose end of days wishes wreck all lives, and derive only sorrow,
tomorrows' wars assured
I extend sight to advocates of right who accept might as sword and god,
cannot abide word or deed of peace,
minor issues screamed exceed all reasonable discourse
with no courage to avert these burdened eyes nor speak
Deep in sunless woods, tree roots and leaves overgrown intertangle
Damp, swift silent stream’s run, continuous lubricant
Creepers crawl, curious rodents sniff for predatory hide, toothsome prize,
oracular signs
Wanton child, wandering far from home; kinless kitten alone --
drawn in by stuttered incantations of smoke and mist (she won’t be missed)
Daring darling of effervescent fae, spritely imp skips to play her tune;
her mischievous pipes guide, glide, entice gay abandon, theatric swoon
Summer’s bliss Mythfolk holiday, untimed, no line to cross, no whine of loss
Dance, scream, flail and toss, feel the forest grow inside, assimilate
Nature’s wisdom unlike tales of man derides morality, mortal hate
Sheltered in endless adaptation, sensory dilation, slipping from human
skin to untamed consciousness
The issue of the war of man against man
Negativity dwells on our differences of skin, religion,
nationality, sexuality, any little difference we can define
rather than expend our time and energies on developing
benefic policies based on our commonalities
Common human needs, people above things,
a planet we can thrive on – air we can freely breathe,
water without poison, food that nourishes, schools that
instill skills that give us confidence to make our way,
tools that enrich our minds to grow and learn
from each encountered idea
Better to cower and hate in fear?
Or deal in peace?