Wednesday, May 25, 2011

breathe while reading

Living River

If you're doing it right
It flows
It may be work;
but it's work that flows
feels good
feels right
There may be obstacles
stones and reefs to flow around
or through
picking up bits of wisdom
on the way
If you're doing it right
no need to say
Time's neither fast nor slow
Every placement relates
just so
Beautiful day,
lilting lazy river ...

The I of my inner dimensions speaks truth, sees beauty
lives multiplicity
always somewhere aware
cares implicitly
Playmate child,
impish angel with protective wing
ethereal wraith, like diamonds singing
light bell-clear at-one alive in the air

There is nothingness enough in all of negation
Be a thing, many things, all things, some things
Be a source of action
Be the essence of dissatisfaction
Be the smiling taste of flies
upon the tongue of lotus-wise old toad
Be bliss in amazement
of egoic reflection on all this
Nothing is never ALL

Tune In

Just relax
Don't think about a thing
Just relax
Close your eyes and feel serene
Just relax
Feel the loosening of all your cares
Look behind your eyes,
Become aware
of the miracle that
you really are

Acts of Magick

If it is to be done,
We must go out and do it
Action, once begun,
Has beauty and power to it
Aiming true to course
Needs thought and reflection
Feed movement from the source
Of our yearn toward perfection

The play is never done
Each and every one
Performing through their part
Reinvents our start

So join the song, and sing your tune
Dance strong beneathe a rousing Moon
Another day, another seed
Bursts out into the Sun

Ouroboros Comes to Embrace Sentience

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
A new age is coming
A new way of being is a 'borning
Be alive
Don't believe
Be Alive

More Peace

In the center
a quiet stream
for reflection

ebbing outward
gentle ripples
bathed in sunshine ease

further out, at the shoreline
dramas, comedic, tragic, rhapsodic,
full of song and dance

for reflection

Second Star to the Right

Traveling beyond Persephone's garden
on the etheric threshold
'tween life and death.
Taking an oblique path at the crossroads
onto an accessway
along the axis of bliss.
It's not a road on which
the dramas fade.
It's not about a numbing block
to pain.
Drama unfolds --
my chemistry responds exquisitely.
Touch is just touch;
sensation translated information.
All the appointed tasks,
routine errands of the everyday,
little pauses along the bliss path
allowing me to breathe the scent
of endless possibilities
as path and consciousness expand
blissfully aware.

Basho's Footprint

Seek what's been sought by the wise in texts of glowing poetry, in deep-
singed blues
in crypt-hewn runes,
in deepest breath turned inward, surprising miles of memory
in whispered library words
by monks solitary in
solidarity with Muse
who wanders through all time, e-motion, all need for meaning
Seek where your living leads
expecting not, nor pleading for
rejecting not, nor bleeding for
with eyes, with mind, with hands

Body Language

Teach Peace
Dancing in the classroom
Body wisdom
Reaches through neural pathways
regenerates whole to whole
soul to soul
touching life
I feel you in my mind, my spine
Feel me dancing
elongating muscles
extending connections

"10 things to do to draw up creative energy"

worry with logic
delve into feelings
play with words and meanings
take a play journey to impossible possibilities
web surf; idea surf; ride a wild wave
face down a demon to discover your other faces
read of random wisdom


Sitting, meditating
on self-hallowed ground
surrounded and succored
by the spirit of life.
It isn't easy
turning on the tide
being the talk of the town
the laughing stock
the example for errant schoolboys,
don't want to end up like him.
Yet no thing is easier.
Moving with the rhythm
natural, unafraid.
Beat by beat,
sometimes a song appears.
It sings with me and the crickets,
the cicadas, the bees and birds
and chittering creatures.
We dance a little jig,
breathing, breathing
inspiration, exhalation, exhilaration.
Bit by bit the sunshine
enfuses with my cells.
I am opening. I am learning.
I am being made new.
All it takes is total dedication,
not a renouncing,
not a denying,
not what one would call a discipline,
just total awe and gratitude
for sweet layer unto exquisitely beautiful layer
as each is revealed.

Manifestation Ritual

Create the vision.
Move into it.
Live there.
Feel it growing through you.
Play with it,
seeing it from a wide range of perspectives.
Delight in it.
Laugh, dance, weep.
Sing it out loud.
Sing it softly as a lullaby.
Now, slowly or quickly or however it feels right,
create a stairway.
Name each stair.
Give each a folder of possibilities,
more and more complete, concrete, living.
Live out the life of your stairway,
allowing it to lead you to the promises
you would have made yourself and your vision
as you became lovers entwined.

Searching the skies for eternity
Opening upward, onward, out of words
Yet still bound
Sentience of form persists
Feel the glory,
the honor,
the fear
over eons emerge
as bliss