Monday, October 26, 2015


Suffering is God’s love.
Joy is our natural state of being.
When God loves He opens a conduit
shares a small part of what He feels.
That’s why those God dearly loves
suffer most.

Final Days
Basking in His glory
All Earthly chores and woes
ended like the planet we
never wanted to be our home.

Aim for a space between hope and fear.

Be comfortable each moment.

Through autumn branches
Hunter Moon


Rhythm as motivation and trance --
a perfect drug.
Pleasure that overrides mere pain.
Quiet rushing ecstasy,
purely aware in embodied
here.  Motile biology.
Cooped into cubicles for (whose?)
convenience.  Lined off from Earth’s
magnificence lest we should fall,
prey to instinctual magnetic call.

Who knows what Future may bring,
or if there be future at all?
Prognosticators so often fail
both hopes and dark negative hopes
for terrors we fear we deserve.
So much easier to observe stochastic
patterns, believing in divinity as
sarcastic jester, sadistic confessor.
We salve our sins with brand iron
blisters to ever remember lest one
true moment’s peace
would wrench our conscience,
dispel god’s great constraint.
Free will or fate?
Not the relevant question.


deep, wide thoughts expressed poetically
I do my best to make art
Sometimes I get it just right
Mostly I wander


Mirror Mind Exercise

Do Her will
as desire informs.
Respire into rhythm.
Respond respectfully.
Inhale Her essence,
perfumed incense entheogen
from within.

When we say “hard work”
what are we saying?
What makes it hard?
What makes it work?
What is less about easy play
if it gets you where you want to be?


And One More Thing

In the good future
we all get to be
our best expressions.

Knowledge can constrict, encumber,
unlike ignorant free play,
free from shame.
Desire to inflict pain clearly inhibited,
forbidden from within.
Scholars, seekers of wisdom,
You may learn to care too much
for conscience to bear.
Self-reliance shifts into awareness of
shared consequence.


Learn, and go out to
do what you were meant to do
from your beginning



You are not a woman in a man’s body/ a man
in a woman’s body.
You are you in your body
your interests and desires are not what you’ve
been taught
to want.
What do you want?
In tense deep night conversations
with inheld voicing,
what do you say?
Do you believe
“I was born wrong.”?
try to deceive with comforting scenarios
of how life might be
free of cumbersome realities?
“Touch me.” you implore of bare air.
“Teach me not to care, or to disappear.”
This world has become so small.
Barely room to breathe soul exhaust.
Survival’s not worth the cost of your
one true life.
Double bind.
Once there were heroes, transcending self
interest to live one true moment (however long).
Transcend myths; claim your interests and desires
if only for a moment,
feel alive,
strong with desire
without feeling wrong (unless what you want is
What do you want?
How do you feel alive?


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