Tuesday, May 10, 2016

falling through, phase I

A presumed societal right to be alive
An assumed historical recognition of
to Life,
Pursuit of Happiness
Unborn life has no liberty within confines
of a womb,
no pursuit of happiness on the path to
parturition as birth and this world
demand pain,
misery, certainty of death.
On balance, no question of rights
Unwanted equates to without value.
Not “one of us” to any
No haunting stories for company
You truly ought to be ashamed --
forcing innocents to be pulled into this
evil, harsh and painful world
to hate and be hated like you
You look at me in disdain, seethe
or outright insults specifically to be mean.
I have never done a deed to harm you.
I have only lived as I am.
How can I be eager to support your cause,
to be inconvenienced by your
Every crevice, chink
filled in with disappointment,
inspiration will not shine through.
No impelling dreams,
hope’s dalliance with Spring
no more renews.
Sweet vibrant muse has died.
My cold heart bound inside,
no longer used.
First, do no harm
Then, do what ye will
Clear rules – simple, short, consistent
to assure
core values
Mother Earth is old, tired, sick
of slatternly bastard brats
pulling her teats, calling rude names,
!@#$ her over and over
wouldn’t you be
sick of them?
I am.
Trees lusty greenery
Wind touch, trunk to branches.
Birds cry greeting in arbor breeze.
Endtime dreams of planet Earth.
We assume worth is ours to name. Act
like we’re more than a bored God’s game
random chance
or random plague. 
It’s not about finding answers,
living better. Life’s about wearing us
so we die.
The good, the brave, the truly innocent
inhaling ideals like cotton candy get
most easily.
Cynical old goats are required
to prevail well past sinking.
Disappeared from space
So restful to never be
All Now extinguished
I explore these ragged lines, paint in
viscous red
from forceps to reaper
explosion to explosion of unmapped
that left me limp, incomplete, drained,

yet still exploring

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