Wednesday, August 23, 2017


simply, far too many are harmed by bad
behaviors of others
-- what can be done to help those harmed
and stop those harming?
Thots on race, violence
It’s not tribalism
It’s bullyism
Those militant “PCers” you sarcastically
call Snow Flakes, proving you don’t get it.
They are not flakes of snow in fear of
melting.  They’re mad as hell and not
going to take it any more.  That’s not
snow; that’s hail.
ss:  mankind wipes out other species
creates AI “children” to be trained to do
our work/act as pets to pamper and punish and
Humans become obsolete, Earth home to
pointless AIs made to serve biological beings who
no longer exist
we embrace abling lore teaching health
Healthy humans are active and curious
not whiners chained to our screens
Victims of history’s rhythms and rules
ignorant, vicious, recalcitrant fools
where find active embrace, enabling

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