Monday, August 30, 2010

Intergalactic Circus

Intergalactic Circus

Ride the seasons of the moon
Let the moment call the tune
Ramble through the tongues of Rune
Into my empty city room
Where the circus plays at daybreak
And no one seems to care.
The court jester shrieks, the raven she seeks
and the idiot speaks of the secrets of night.
The Solomon sage who owns pretense of age
sits alone on the stage beyond the spotlight
and sings softly the song that says we belong
to one who knows wrong is the shadow of right.
But can anyone know
just what is the show
and what keeps us going back
night after night . . .

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends
it wiggles and it bends,
it follows all the trends,
and the energy it sends,
the welcome it extends,
the curtains that it rends,
the sounds and sights it blends,
all serve to make amends
for what in daily life offends.

We have always been in the circus.
We act the clowns, the brave acrobats, the freaks
Life is tragedy, comedy, banal pratfalls, heroic stunts
as we gamely act it out upon the stage.
Come one, come all who hear my call:
Enjoy the show!

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