Monday, November 1, 2010

Beautiful Dreamers

Imagine no John Lennon
Even if he hadn't died
No Beatles to remember
His music still inside
Imagine all the people
Never hear his cry
to unite through imagination
It was 30 years ago today
A madman blew Lennon away
Yet, the import of what he had to say
Can not be taken
It is up to us who know
His words are seeds to sow
We can help his message grow
as inspiration

Feast Days

Downing ale like a drowning sailor
caught up in the drama of sea
Sons and daughters of days foretold
caught up in a field of stars
Lighting the way
Is this what we are?
Talented talkers, whiling their webs
of decay, waste all our days.
Who are they to decide 
how we may proceed, 
what it is best ours to need,
caught up in pitchers of greed.
Camp out far from where butchers
cast their meat from the screen.
Turn eyes, mind, spine, breath
to sweet symphony on the wind.
Take extravagant taste
Cheshire Cat grin
Pleasure can win
Life can be treasure beyond 
mere imagining's failure 
caught up in
the song, the dance, the play
ritual of each gifted day, every
brilliant night
successful Life.

December 6, 2010

Place of Meeting

Cyclic time
Sun betrothed to Earth
Millennia revolve, fade, reassert
Exigencies create growth, conflict
resolution, union, rebirth in mixed
yearning for moment to moment
fulfillment, turn away from agony
starbursts beyond window pane, 
beyond range of sight or mind,
never alone, eternally tracking
dearest salvation, 
lovers' embrace.

Today, here, center of place,
convergence of there and then
face turning to take multitudes,
tasks of trillion hands, burdened brains,
excited, act to act, as strings sing
carrying higher
unlink unity of heartsick pain
learn to spiral, brilliant, free
unstrung dance, elemental music.

Into heart, into mind, into
dancing feet and hands
new thought, new emergence
of sweetest repose in mystery
see the vision promised when 
life wed with fire and air.
Be pleasure; be ebullient
creature purely breathing joy.

December 5, 2010


You have no idea the terror I endure
As I have none of yours
If perchance we share even an inkling
of such gut-wrenching feeling
why spend our sowing in enmity
instead of caring friendship?
Look into my vast landscape
as I imbibe exotic air of your
revealed shores
"Tell me more"

December 2, 2010

Freedom FOR Security

Either, by nature, you're plagued with paranoia
Or you've bought pervasive propaganda.
I do understand:
It was so cheap, and in your colour.
It wasn't labeled "Propaganda"
Sold as "News," common knowledge,
accommodation to the norm.
And it fits your internal dialog so well
"Danger is everywhere these days of disorder,
scary change."
Just like all the days
when Freedom seems such a flimsy wage,
a cheap exchange
for sham Security.

November 27, 2010

More Peace

 In the center
 a quiet stream
 for reflection 

ebbing outward 
gentle ripples 
bathed in sunshine ease 

further out, at the shoreline 
dramas, comedic, tragic, rhapsodic, 
full of song and dance 

for reflection

boys and their toys

It's not about religion.
It's about what it's always about
ultimately, power
boys and their toys
and their pissing contests
blowing up bombs 
to etch their names in the sand
no matter who it destroys
like stomping on ants
because it feels so grand
being the stomper and not
bits of skin and juice
ready to play some more
by your own rules


The forest is old 
obscured in ghosts and mysteries 
Come out in the wild night with me 
dressed in the stars 
Serenades from the Moon 
intoxicate air aged in adventure
Exult with me in pleasure 
Far from decay of leaves, sad savagery 
That strange stained light in the darkness
Silence, a pause in cycling 
Tender reflection in the settling sky
a throne to reign  
weary tantrum waves below 

I can relate 
the deals reality baits me with 
so overrated 
I'm left unsated 
staring at fate's rear 
Now escapes me 
running into future skyscapes 
holding yestereves 
stiff and strained 
closer than this moment 
as it slips 
into one more
I seek that honest sigh, 
that joining smile that art 
of distilling meaning 
Pictographs along the wheel 
to distract from 
its unceasing 

an instant
surrounded in space
demanded in time
tells the reaper
is in the eye

My Story

Who or what am I?
Why am I here?
Tenuous, unspoken, unfocussed
miles from clear
There seemed to be reason
lost some sodden season
I wanted in from the rain
And now?  I appear, I'm afraid,
sans identification
I swear to Creation
I exist
That's never enough, is it?
Exact explanation required
Unprepared for tough quizzing
I fly to my mind, and find
for desire's surcease;
serene, calm to transpire, for peace:
loving fire of understanding
burns through fog of fear
Centers here

November 7, 2010

If you could see
the glorious imagery
faery play
behind this dreamer,
would you share
your dreams with me,
find symphony
between us?

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