Monday, November 1, 2010

Today's Jam

Marionette danse
Sad canyon howls
from deadly sweet sister
chants ricochet
infusion of starlight
Purple witch of spindly wood
bony sorcery
caresses soldier boy
He grows in appreciation
M'Dame, M' Lady, blessing strokes,
charade of bonny play
Look! Old potty rabbit hops
center stage
weary wilder of symphony
choreo-fleet, chiaroscuro
gentle Pierrot laughs
strings a-jerk, akimbo
thrush in plume ready to bloom
just before the denouement, the riddle.
How brash the Moon
How cast away the Star
How close the moment
performance to applause
childish phase unveiled
balanced on the head
of a pose

warm, resonant purr
catch my aha
my epiphany
my cultivated air of mystery
mist armors me
defense of camouflage
eye to dream

caught up in love, in lust
give up the world to follow me hormones
semiotic gestalt
a holographic aspect
we humans forget
'tis our nature to do
open wide to where we once belonged

Bertholt and Muriel kiss fleet aye to eyes
wood palm arabesques
zoom back into throng
the very pain of life a Holiday song
metaliminal passion play in several actions
foggy notions, robes of myst
limbic video bliss

love for your supper
love so you won't be a whore
burn through fog; clearly witness
mutually assured derision

the antithesis of alien
ps and qs
pleasing cues
amusing pleasantries

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