Monday, November 23, 2015

Scorpio ends

Long-toothed grey-white horse munches, trots,
watches occasional cars go by the road along this corral.
Drowzing afternoons remembers flying, wide white wings.
She has horse sense, wild strong senses, instinctual balance.
She eyes those passing passengers without comment.
If she needed, she could fly out of range, disappear from men’s
landscape.  Not resigned, nor exactly happy – comfortable,
content, completely free.
Soft blue star surrounded cloud, interrupting constellations.
Those who foretell by omens might say our future is our own,
hidden from plotting overlords.
If my day is unwritten, unentangled from hyperboles of legends,
how to navigate?  By what scores do I judge, am I judged?
Or do I write bright passages contoured to my immediate vision?
Improvization respects every directional view.
Fragile and fleeting, encapsulated brilliance.
Portentous metaphors profoundly impermanent.
Firefly signals blanket chambers of sleep.
Sublime encounters pass unmet like unaddressed needs.
If we might see still peace, mindful passion, dance of
slowly melting glass beautifully held, transcended.
Only beauty answers, in her aspect of eternity.
Estrellita veils of splendid gauze, adoring gaze, exquisite focus.
Heavenly, celestial, outside of social lines.  Beyond bind of word.
Open adventure to taste inhaled molecules from exosphere.
Echoes wavering surrender to smog of enduring vibrations.
In this small space starlight smiles, sun rays slowly kiss
strength and warmth.
Movement precise, exquisite as terpsichore sprites in ablution.
Leave bold solutions, false gods, ghosts not meant to be friends.
Befriend profound experience.


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