Monday, November 9, 2015

still point

at the still point
world wind bumpily blows,
calls eerie calls wise
calls yelps shrieks moans whispers
if the prey birds listen, if the forest
whips wails demands prophecy
Sun licks lizard tongued, quick
(too quick to resist) sprinkling cinders.
Comet careens blam! and seas explode.
Worshippers sacrifice reason, reciprocity,
genetic empathy for terrible blessings.
Mechanical beasts blend with desperate
incantations to dystopic ends.
Drama worthy of Dionysus, (flourishing bow)
dear friends.  We are entertained.
Britely Britely pyrotechnic passion. 
Out, deep, beyond land view
silent, stirless, moonless, so cold, distant
starpoints, projected sky, empty eternity
Here the dance is all, prescient to music.
The still dance that balances the turning world.


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