Friday, July 9, 2010


She should be carved in wood
The fine grain lines of her hair,
her form
coppery contours
exquisitely rendered
She should be as an inspiration to art,
a fine thing valued
sitting so austere
and gracefully

Emily is a garden
She grows fine long tendrils
sparkling in the sunshine
and dainty pearly flowers
for bees to hum over
and the long daylight and beaming stars
share the fun of a summer day.
Emily grows well underground
in the long, cold winter
and brightens eyes once more
in early spring.

Brian, quick as a flash!
He's a cat man
slinking in to saucy societe
with that big flashy grin (ain't it a sin, man ...).
Life is smiling at him in the morning
And sometimes in the evening he's still flashing
into your life and mine.
(I call that a fine thing, man ...)
Yeah, keeps me ringing
Like the telephone...

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