Thursday, March 31, 2011

Equality Knocks

Equality Knocks (March 20, 2011)

"Fortune favors the brave."

But I am not brave. 
Too tired for that world
to matter
I'd rather speak of far out
stars and possibilities
not likely to come knocking 
at my door.

"The poor have always been among us."

When we measure ourselves
and each other
on a scale of credit and debt,
who gets to order the jet,
who gets to die at  
hands and feet even more
desperate, or cheat their way
into a prison cell
or other hell
created just for show,
so everyone can know
the wages of failure
to fit on the narrow queue.

There's nothing I can do
to change the course
of history
for those believing mystery
means we never know what's true.
A solution is only supplied
when the whole shines brighter than
any craven side.

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