Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tune In

Tune In

Just relax
Don't think about a thing
Just relax
Close your eyes and feel serene
Just relax
Feel the loosening of all your cares
Look behind your eyes, 
Become aware
of the miracle that
you really are

I lived in a fantasy where people cared about me, because that is what people do.  It was a stupid assumption, because it allowed me to ignore the truth.  I was unkind to myself, guilty over disappointing them.  I conjured every excuse for them disappointing me.  No one is guilty here.  It was all a mistake, a case of mistaken identity.  I misidentified humanity as being like me.  Yet, I misidentify myself as well if I claim to care for the sake of caring.  I care because it gives me a perverse pleasure to imagine how you might feel.

Rain's moody music
invites slow dance adventure
with sorrow's sister

Pain in small doses
builds tolerance over time
or so you would think

Calligraphy laughs
says:  I am but a bottle
message writes within

Seconds have been lost
randomly, without notice
What Now have you found?

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