Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Atmospheric Chatter

Atmospheric Chatter 

Magpies flit verbose, chatter about 
Red of her blouse, flounce 
of her hair, intoxicant 
air she exhales -- streaming radiant.
White light screams panic. 
Grey limbo whispers unease. 
Black shouts of demonic disease: 
colour codes for survival; 
frames built through sojourns in jails.

"Fade into the pale," waves on the wind.
Noise spins into tone, "One with the whole." 
Play jacks in the yard every night 
for the sake of pure soul. 

so close-mouthed, the old 
sages deified for 
withering wit 

Life manifest aeons beyond 
song or tv skit 
ain't rhyme or reason, 
each day assigned its season. 

"To suffer is to share 
comfort in some matterless common sphere." 

flutters through Earthly air 

Sapient chatter 
doesn't impress 
Solar flares.

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