Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Estrella's hips gypsy flash 
in undulation dance
a wand of grace.
Swirl crimson silk, bright azure,
surety of bend and sway.

Reality blends with disguise.
We ride this carousel,
touch face eternally I/Thou;
always another side.
In all humble complexity,
slowly, deeply, 
moving so cautiously; but
I, due, arrive.
Drunk on dawn's cloudy brew.
Cumulative immersion with pollution,
anthropic chemical solution
under which we were formed,
no longer true. Succubine soothed by 
fake adrenalin addiction
to television news, what did we choose 
to lose?
Because life is its own necessity ...
No, none of it makes any sense to me!
Free of need for meaning,
without valence,
spiraling out toward eternal peace ...
No more credence to believing
a tautology Aristotelian equation --
"We are One".
Who you may be is not for me to say.
I survive in unnoticed crevices,
foraging through what fate throws my way.
Poison salt pours through a desert behind my eyes.
With fresh perspective, I paint palliative
pastels of night.

Covered in white for her mourning journey,
New Moon howls, less than a crescent
steals a starless sky.
Back and fore ground merge.
Radiated blossoms, over seasons
acclimate, rise.

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