Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While the world sleeps
We would illuminate the ouroboros of dreams
Rampage through Wonderland, Neverland,
stampedes of roaring dragons,
princesses plucked from flowery fields,
angels dancing, dizzy as daemons, dervish
drunk on coloured rain
atop bright
copper pins.
Surreal circuitry of pineal circus
Cast in glorious clowns sparkling
like sequined candy
Proud bears cycle in mid-air,
Amazing feats of flying day-glo trapeze chimpanzees
Wafting popcorn, white sugar scents of delight,
Pansies pop out of top hats, expand
into darkest space
We could create 
twinkling, luminous
sacred place
an anchor for unearthly adventure
a tableau of marvel in grace
if you would

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