Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drunken Sestina

Drunken Sestina

Death rejected me
One more disappointment
Drowning sorrowful wine
Sinking by the seafull
Slinks away by morning
Another dreaded day

Cursing break of day
Its sky oppresses me
Heavy hours of morning
Dripping disappointment
A neverending seafull
Caustic as poisoned wine

No longer staunched by wine
Relentless pain of day
Pouring by the seafull
Inundating me
In blinding disappointment
And still it's only morning

Yes, yet another morning
When last evening's wine
Left only disappointment
To pave the way of day
What can I make of me?
Puking by the seafull

Dreams, a begger's seafull
Drowned to naught by morning
Here I've only me
Sifting dregs of wine
To hide from light of day
In caves of disappointment

It's always disappointment
Crashing down, a seafull
No other kind of day
No way to hide from morning
No quantity of wine
Can take this fate from me

Disappointment every day
Drowns me in a seafull
Of bitter morning wine

April 26, 2010

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