Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Metamagical Circuit (random excerpt)

Metamagical Circuit (random excerpt)

Practice, practice, vibrant mauve
smoke rings for my lady
Goddess grants this smiling day
ritual of play
Glory  Glory fat silver swords
swashling, caressing, violating the air
You with your act of splendour, curtseys,
curses, all guaranteed to cure
a thousand years of sleep.

Once upon a forest
clip-clop horse hoofs
noses snorting change
seasons - paleo to neo
robins hopping to seed greenery
glowing owls, blessedly blind,
grant swift sanctuary beneath wingspans
illuminated in Arthurian myth,
symbols that yearn like long dormant worms
sucking out dark holes over eons

Today we go to the circus.
Gather, children, 
hooked to treacly tether
sharing sweet secrets
surreptitious touch
Mind the invisible netting,
safe from trailers hurtling from highway
or perennial city bus discharge by zombie drivers
only intent on fulfilling the schedule, home before

The circus is superb.
Imagine a trampoline ignited by grand fireflies
sparkling dayglo spraypaint into heaven.
Imagine noble elephants, gravely kneeling,
telepathic tremolo soothing vibration
carrying dreamtime back to Earth.

Imagine a dandelion trail outside the
schoolhouse window
breathful breezes of mint and lilac
destiny swells to crescendos of urgency.

Imagine the day that dawns when
you are no longer dreaming.

May 23, 2010 

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