Wednesday, October 13, 2010



That liminal dimension between the pain
and the screen selection of feeling, immersion
away from meaning:  what you don't mean;
all the ravaging truth (No, that's not me!)
I was the princess, all the rage -- cashing in
on beauty, charm, ambition
See, my vision, bubbling up in pastel 
pinks and blues.
Who were you, back when
the carnival was still in town;
were you that merry clown with
costumed glee, charismatic spree,
grab it all for free!
And now?
Cloaked in silent screaming, bravely scheming
Which face you can allow to smile,
slip through the picket fence or crooked style.
Intense desire disguised as disgust
cowardly trust misapplied
How to excavate, extricate all those lies,
(and why should I?) to touch cool, hard stone 
layered experience, etched to magnificence
not mine alone

March 6, 2010

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