Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Philosophy

Your Philosophy

movie plot as object lesson 
boys find valuable object 
boys lose valuable object 
boys fight to get valuable object back 

I am woman born 
no source of father's pride 
too early in my days, they 
track my aroma 
I know not to hide 
use me in some back room 
until my womb rises with a new slave 
for their diversions 

I am sacred mother 
tit tied to feeding, always feeding 
(agonized bleeding in secret shame) 
No more than a tether, a trough, and 
tantalizer of the profane. I am a wrecked 
train, a vehicle left to rust, blamed for 
slatternly stagnation, 
never quite thrown away. 

Reject me; reject hard truths, 
long tred diamonds, scuff-polished, 
hidden like icebergs in paleolithic mud. 
Dismiss prophetic exaltation, work songs, 
labyrinthine gardens, 
we who are only dreams in your philosophy. 

You may well be better 
stuck in your own 
wheel of clay. 
My lesson, when I am ready, 
is to leave you to your way; 
cleave to the ecstasy 
loose, lost, subjective 

May 2010

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