Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Goddess Dreams of Love

Goddess Dreams of Love
In a far off land, across a careening sea
Beauteous Damsel made a brave decree:
"I am the monarch, the dominant She
Who Must Be Obeyed."
Then she smiled a million miles
Sunshine bright for days.
A sad young thing on a lonely cloud-strewn beach
Looks longingly on a face he cannot reach.
If he had the words he knows he could beseech
her with noble speech.  He prays
to the Goddess of Miracles:
"Please, show me the way."
On a cloudless, moonless night redolent of dreams
Towering waves inundate sand, glowing streams
Showering pure delight, igniting those gleams,
A golden thread sewing together their seams
Day arrives, silent, crescendoing to song
She glides the beach, feeling fit and strong
"Lithe leaping lyric carries me along."
To the lapping waves.
Her eyes reach onto the beach
Where he, dreaming, plays.
We know how this ends, as all good stories do.
But how, my dear friend, is this affecting you?
Do you dream of the dance, poignant and true?
Are you afraid
You've lost the chance, end of romance
When you awake?
Singing your song along a lonely beach
Knowing not who or where it's beauty may reach
Strong is the monarch, sure in her speech,
In her reign
Caressed by Goddess's blessing
for all of your days.
March 24, 2010

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