Saturday, September 25, 2010

accident of birth

Another day in the box waiting for nightfall.  That is when the caged bird sings, mournfully, hauntingly.  That is when the dreaming starts.  Take the ride your life could never allow.

We have met the enemy, for they are us, just one shadow away.

Human newborn imbued with alien soul.  Where the human soul is taken, if it survives, who knows?

She screams for her child.  Deeply under sedation, it is but a dream.  No one hears her.  No one understands when she insists this child is not hers.

After a while of constant reinforcement, she accepts the child as hers.  The child, not so clearly subject to social norms, cannot accept her, or for that matter, this world, as its rightful place.

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