Saturday, September 25, 2010


beautiful stories
keep me calm through terrifying
brutal nights
so I can sleep, dream, 
hide, quietly
keep calm, crying quietly
don't harm
the silence
the charm that makes it
all right
if they don't hear me
if I'm invisible
if my pattern fits exactly
shadow's safety.
Can't give in 
to jump out of my skin
anxiety.  Take these pills
and chill.
No one can kill what 
can't be found
subject from ground
Protect me from hate,
from those I'm afraid of,
from trying to relate
with what is left of my mind.
Time travels on.
Worlds collide or pass by.
Industrial waste learns to energize;
cycles within spirals within
ticking plotlines.
Better beautiful than wise.
Beauty is its own reward
in the terrifying dark
turning fear
to wonder

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