Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mother Love

Manifestation, brilliant and
gratefully desired
Yet streaked with disappointment
Nothing is perfectly rendered
I prayed for you;
sent missives of tears heavenward
and wished upon a magick toadstool
Leaving nothing to the vagaries,
divine agendas so noblesse
Yet, when presented with my
prayer's request fulfilled
I am not.
You are not what I bargained for
when all my virtue
was on the line
You are hideous, hateful, spiteful
a devilish sprite sans remorse
How dare you mock me?
Have I not bestowed upon you 
the very gift of life?
Have I not become your idealic
Goddess incarnate?
Worship!  I command you!
Yet you cry, turning red and blue
unwilling to grant me my due
Satan's child --
an answer to hormone raging
sinful thoughts -- "Oh, Father,
forgive me."
Nobody should suffer as I do
Thankless teething serpent,
yowling at your fairytale Moon
What must I do for your eyes
to shine on me?

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