Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hungry Ghosts/Wounded Planet

Hungry Ghosts/Wounded Planet
Ubiquitous disarray
Angry obfuscation
Deep, wide, incoherent 
Not what was promised in
the Golden Books of yore
I dreamed a childhood Eden
ate succulent fruit as
Uncle Serpent bade me
Old stories ever renew
Washed clean of sins of
Holy River, heal me!
Drowning in tears of centuries
under an evil hand
Demand what ye will
Demand and be obeyed, oh Goddess
None may resist Your Glory
All the stories are clear on this one point
We who rejoice, who bare our souls,
who dance naked under the Moon,
reflect upon Your stunning beauty,
reject Overlords, unsuitable suitors
for Your hand
We who see through Your modest veil,
sing your praises,
escape into the splendid vestibule
Your grace provides
for all your brides and maids
Feeding the ghosts on Your wedding days
this desolate world

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