Saturday, September 25, 2010

All God's Children

All God's Children
"Great day, my brethren!  We are ready to execute our plan, and some Baby Killers. (laughs)
For those of you who were not at our last meeting, Joe here -- come on up here with me, Joe --
has assembled this sweet little high octane explosive device with a timered detonator from the 
plans we found on the internet.
Sister Mary has agreed to hide the device in a fake baby bump and take it to the clinic.
We have figured out the time when it will be most busy, so she can easily avoid
detection.  She'll just secure the thing where it won't be noticed in the restroom,
and set the detonator to give her plenty of time to get back here.
Then, we all will just be having our regular meeting when we hear the news.
Yeah, Chris, you have a question?  I know you've not been here in awhile."
"Hey, Luc.  So, let me get this straight.  You want to blow up this clinic at peak
time when there'll be all those pregnant women at risk?  You know this clinic serves
all kinds of healthcare for local women who can't afford to get prenatal care anywhere
else close enough for them to get to.  Even those women coming for abortions might
be persuaded against that course with more gentle tactics, at least some of them.  How does
it make sense for our cause to threaten all these pregnant women and their children?"
"It's for a higher purpose, Chris.  Can't get the Lord's work done just jawing and making
noise outside that evil den of murder.  We have to let those Godless Baby Killers know the wrath 
of the Almighty."
"Luc, you're going way too far, here.  Listen people, you don't need to do this."
"You chicken, Chris?  Don't have the guts to fight for what is right, to save the innocent?"
"What I am saying, Luc, is this violence you instigate is no way to follow our Lord's
Commandment:  'Thou shalt not kill.'"
"Yeah, kid, you never did have what it takes.  That's why I'm the Lord's special right-hand
Angel; and you are only the sniveling human son."

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