Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arising from Diffraction (Take 3)

Colder than the weather
and unsettled,
under collective oceans, scuttling claws.
Ill-content to follow simpering laws,
I follow moonbeams along neuro-electric
distracted from segmented time.
My feelings are fine.  No meds, no precious
minutes ignored in a foreign-speaking
doctor's presence
forever short-circuited, my essence
traded; well-established chronic pain
for devils' staccato dancing through my brain.
Meditation, mediation, Buddha's great epiphany:
the mindful way
Join us!  Joyous! The perfect wave
Milky bright foam carrying home
what remains 
after battles and grief.
Our place of safety 
fragile, contingent on
Mountain crevices
hide special minds
immune to humanity's
fashion fascinations.
Intent upon keeping the flame
defense against
hungry beasts
angry winds;
I can't help you while
you deny
my existence.

"At the 11th hour""
infinite regression
significant omens
legends and runes
Ravens flocking
as foretold.
Careful notation
securing codes, clocks, keystones.
Brains evolve with dangers;
patterns, synchronicities.
Scanning senses
filtered through parameters
call out Warning!  Warning!
far too often, far too loud.
Smiling daisies, patterned like
sunlight, emoting tranquil scent,
soothing startled breasts --
Alive in sensation
each step, each succession
lightly breathed
in idiosyncratic time.

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