Saturday, September 25, 2010

Loosing my religion

A fizzy springtime libation
sweet tinkly jazz
a moment or two of vacation
reverent, levitous fantasy
I enjoy being me in these moments
that nobody else can see

Loosing My Religion

Eye of newt and heart of quail
Winds that whip up in a gale
Southern seas, northern Moon
A fairytale that ends too soon
Joyous romps in forest glades
Gentle men and handsome maids
A quest to find the finest gold
and learn too late you're lost and old
Someday soon the piper calls
a merry tune you're too afraid
to answer;
you are no dancer
Still afraid at dawn
chirping birds upset you
Those who have not met you
no longer matter
Mad as a hatter
you open your soul to the night
and find though blind in your flight
better ventures than fright
now bid you to believe
your fate
It may not be too late
too close to the dawn
I hear the nightbirds pleading
for just one more song
If you need a sidekick, stranger,
can I come along?

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