Saturday, September 25, 2010


In the dark, light, between
complex landscapes painted in shades
gradations of greys
where is the weather?
who is our champion?
how have we decided 
to show off our eyes,
paste on our smiles?
Coloring inside lines, confined to a strict palette
images from unremembered dreams
marketed for quick profit
The fashion of the times
defines expectations
coloring lives.
broken down
easily digestible steps
Mischievous sprites
capture moments
nibble out snowflakes
pretty flower patterns
ripples of sandcastles
dissolving as moats ascend
clouds billow
waves clap
sunset gleams softly
in a spellbound instant
syllable by syllable
Eating, assimilating
sucking marrow into dissolution
The way of the world
Protest, resistance, is useless
Survival requires cunning
strong resolve, stronger destiny
Whimpering will not do
To overcome implacable degradation
synergize potency
catalyze energy
self-organize systematically

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