Saturday, September 25, 2010


Abysinia rises on her heels
claps her hands with glee
to see the rangers clear the field
for her jamboree
Her noble guests arrive at last
the table's set to break their fast
such a feast for the upper class
to cheer their victory
The royal band breaks out in waltz
for dancers to employ
nary a note may ring out false
we're all here to enjoy
A raucous tribute to our fleet
so raise your voices, stamp your feet
privileged as renowned elite
to treat the vanquished as a toy
To those who watch beyond the gates
silly revelers at play
feeding the fire of long held hates
this is a different day
"Fiddle dee dee" they may say with scorn
mocking the starving and care worn
But soon they'll rue the day they've born
as the world turns dank and grey
as a new star rises over the fields
leading a different way

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