Saturday, September 25, 2010


That was about pulling out
splintered agony 
confronting my memory
cutting it clean
discovering freedom
acceptance of pain.
Today is a different terrain.
I seek deeper layers of sustenance.
Fulfilling foundation nurturing
succulent spice
mining for pearls beyond price
metaphoric treasures
built from rugged ice,
frozen seas and promises.
Dinosaur's black gold
danced its day in the Sun,
glistening jewels to elicit danger,
cockfights, demand tragedies,
Slaughtering geese, expecting
to own golden eggs -- what comedy!
Shaken well with laughter,
at last, relief!
In private sleep dwells
sweet light paradise
ever changing
ever entrancing
evolving shades of ecstasy.
It's a little game I play.
Transcribe the coin of dream
obtaining meaning.

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