Saturday, September 25, 2010


Essence, scent memory
cinnamon, pine, family
wafting incense
fragrant air
redolent of antiquity's winds.

Trailing magick's mountain meadow 
Hard, sharp, cragged, creviced
Exquisitely strong, enduring, scarred, 
mending, calloused, engaging
Fingertips, skin, caress manifest existence.
Rippling bells, liquid voices drip 
replenishing wine.  Listen.
Reverberate back to the tribal pool.
Dancing drum beats, symphonic raining rivers.
Rise and quaff the choir's song.  
In ritual visualize the distant dawn.
Hearths to unseen worlds fade before Sol's majesty.
Incandescent homunculus eyes opening to flame,
krinkling sparks, glowing. 
Powerful torches burn through dark imagery.
Revel in flavor, mythic piquancy.
Peppery heat, sour sorrows, exotic ebullient stew.
Wisps of buttery dreams, savory bliss, 
divine delicacies,
bittersweet ecstasy.

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