Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

She appeared
out of the night
dark mystery, arousing
my curiosity
and concern
(when will I ever learn
to let these heartbreaks
in the making
pass me by?)

Voodoo of the night
sacrosanct delight
do not let my days be privy
to your fragrant ecstasy
Do what you will with me
in our secret rendezvous
then let me go
back to my wastrel ways

She grabbed me with such force
I felt I could die
And that was just her eye
pulling me close
to continue
our conversation
Great conflagration
arose in my heart
so adept at her art
of igniting

Cruel fate
mocking my fantasies
Yet, here I am, again
facing dualities,
the wrong and the right
easily selling my immortal soul
for her eternal night

She tastes my sin
drip from her laughing knife
I freely forswear my life
Lunging in the for kill
There's no greater thrill
Falling into dark mystery
We disappear with the night.

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