Friday, September 24, 2010

12th Night

12th Night
Cloud veiled moon
Include me in your fantasy
Gypsy waif cast
into bitter night
Dancing, at last, in the moonlight
every fiber alive
for this hidden time
Silent lady of shadows
warns her knight to take care
She knows she must be aware
of the executioner's knife blade
ready to take her life
should she falter or fall
Soon she will come to the 
chink in the wall
where daylight seeps through
Some days she believes
it's all true
Others she's inclined
to accept being blind
fingering legends deep
in her mind
Taste this last grape
Turn it to wine
Drink to that treasure
we only can find
private midnights
in a private land
Staring into the fire
Leaping children, sprites at play
embrace our dayworn
barriers to care
takes us there
that place of peace
Sweet charity, sweet compassion
Life can simply be,
free as fire and rhythm
this peaceful place we are given
season outside of time
5-pointed star
securely connected
in the center
non-symmetry giving drive
powered by the Trinity:
Past, Present, Future

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