Saturday, September 18, 2010

Between Signs

Between Signs
Overwhelmed, under-the-weather
Bright, shiny stars zooming by
too fast to tether.
I ache for that burning,
cauterizing straight through
epithelial arterial walls.
That yearning
symbolizing cellular memory
of the All from which we each
derive, spend our lives striving
to re-merge.
I ache like flu, burning
in fever, creating
visceral dreams out of
thoughts I never knew
still plagued me.  Wandering
dreamscapes so like pictures
in an eerie multi-D exhibition
of my inner realms.
Yet they remain vague,
vividly coloured, geometrically precise,
shaded and shadowed in 
absolute perspective -- 
yet vaguely intransitive.
Intuition insists
the answers exist.
It is the questions that await asking.

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