Friday, September 24, 2010

Climate Change

"Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once."

Climate Change

Steady chilly rain of 
irritations, build into pools of
rage, a sea of tears.
Paddling that old canoe splinters through
dreary, filthy floodwater, always needs bailing.
I am sore with life,
bruised, blood-stained, a sorry sight.
Bend and release in graceful hypnotic
dance, breathe sea air.
Expanding horizons beckon, wave
gracefully extend hand to hand, 
dance beyond gravity, above
bountiful sea.  Feel the moonlight,
gently embrace, then,
twirl me grandly into cosmic glee.
Exhilaration, peace beyond compassion,
beyond evidence of empty space between.
Ebb and flow.  Drought and tsunami.
Guiding beacon, or oncoming train.
The underworld is flooded, rotting
stench escalates to outrage
we on the surface busily scramble
to survive.  In this torrent of madness
floats keys to magical caverns beneath the sea.
It is a fine era for purveyors of diving gear
and we with will to learn
new methods of breathing.

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