Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dharmic Drama

Dharmic Drama

8 billion souls
intermingling, interacting
playing out roles
through life ever-lasting
each moving through dangers
never dying 'til the end
of their scripted scene
then by any artful means
dictated by dharmic drama

in the endless essence
in a crystal snowglobe
glowing with stardust
growing in pristine clarity
allowing brief glimpses of serenity
before again shaken into a confusion
of fantasy snow confounding
the grace of vision unbounding
back you go, into the thickening crowd
into material purgatory
into malice and dread buzzing 
swooning to the stench 
of burning flesh
was that me?
flashing in and out of reality
ghostly voices in and out of dream

respect the fire that keeps you warm
enjoy the calm
enjoy the storm

I enjoy the frenzy
caught up in ecstatic dancing
beating, faster, faster 
than my heart can be broken
eternally bleeding internally 
onto the scripted page.

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