Saturday, September 18, 2010

Essential Direction

Essential Direction

This little world cast 
into timeless void
moment into moment
created anew with each
discrete act
each emotive scene
each random reverie
is all that is
for each self-organizing system
trophically moving
according to values and valence.

If we are to be
thrust into chaos,
madly stringing
experience into meaning
hoping some magic decoder
falls into our hands
throwing elusive pieces
into clear relief,
well-ordered place,
the plan most likely to succeed
involves leading from the center
experiencing, feeling, cradling
sacred fire, inspiration,
deep well of joyous 
vibrant expression.
Touch the essence, gently,
strongly, reverently
bringing forth its ecstatic vision.
The map is not the territory.
Follow the root
to the place of radiant flowering.
The true mission of the seed
is to bear fruit
in kind.

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