Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've been purified by fire
washed and scoured by raging rain
buffeted hither and yon by 
winds of changing fortune.
Never safely planted strong roots 
to hold me close and whisper 
soothing lullabies.
I have suffered all, not gladly,
but fortuitously.
I have grown, have imbibed
the luscious nectar of hard found 
fruits, endured trials
testing every aspect of my soul,
grown in wisdom and honour 
and lack of trust
for any who have never dwelled
in these wicked realms.
No one may know of me but I and 
the holy trio who 
underwrite my progress.
No matter.  
We are all, my traveling band,
My inspiration, organization
and sacred core of self-empowerment,
all the intimate family
I have always so desperately
I am blessed.  I am blissed.
I am that I am and none
may cast me asunder.

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