Thursday, September 23, 2010


Air giving way to water
Arid emptiness to be filled with
joyful abundance
emotional sailing on vast
and turbulent (and/or) calming seas.
The desert is so fragrant
so exotic, mystically inviting.
Arid lands of wilding sands
stoic creatures
surprising brilliant life
The desert in forms me,
creates crannies of secret
delight throughout my soul.
A no-man's land where I
can hear inspiration
blowing through and encompassing
my mind.
I will not leave the desert.
I will merge with its becoming,
allowing imminent floods
soaking through my pores
turning sand squishy, unsettling
into ocean floor.
Ride with me.
Open raft beneath the stars
Unguided, unplanned, unafraid
Changing winds have always been my home.

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