Thursday, September 23, 2010

travel guide

The desert is a place
of holiness
ether thinned
between the worlds
Visions take on meaning
The coyote howls
Luminescent petals bloom
in echoing moonlight.
The desert is a place
of adventure
Ask Carlos Castaneda or
Ishmael or Lawrence
Ask of the Prophet's dream
Yarrow stalks
arranged as clues
to buried mysteries
Starfish husks implicate
nature deities
long dead histories
a sea risen into cloud
into clay.
The desert is neither silent
nor demur.
Here is a chance for
wondrous magiks
haunting melodies
trance dancing ecstasy
whirling winds whispering fate.
The desert is a place
we create
to carry in some secret pocket
breathing the breath of life
when we think to sneak
a hit of hidden time.

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