Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alice Underground

She was right here, picking flowers, with that cat of hers, and she disappeared.  Fell down a rabbit-hole or some such.

But then I awoke and it was still a lovely sprng day.  It was just a silly dream.  
Grand adventures underground -- next you'll be saying I was whisked off by the Prince of Darkness 
to eat pomegrante seeds and rule as his Queen.  No, I was just chasing my sweet kitty and got 
swept up in some erudite hare's misfortunes.  And that, I am certain, was merely based on too much 
chocolate cake at the picnic.  Thus I fell back, or rather, continued my usual bucolic life with kith 
and kin, engaging in furors and trivialities -- until it was time to fall again.

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