Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cotton Paper World: A Myth and a Dream

Cotton Paper World:  A Myth and a Dream

A cotton paper covered world
for a retarded little girl
no sharp edges to cut her
no street wise punks to fuck her
a pretty little world
for a pretty little girl
all pink peppermint and
cuddly bunny toys.
She imagines daddy
tucking her in at night:
"No darling, don't take fright.
See, the dark corners are
nothing but shadowlands
brimming with stories of
faeries in flight,
angels of the night
to hold your soul for God
until morning
protecting you with His light."
And daddy and God combine
in her dreams.
She's safe in their arms
and their love.
It's so pretty here in my dreams.
Nothing to fear, here in my dreams.
My world rearranges itself
to suit my fantasy.
Here is love;
here is peace;
here is a big bright flying balloon
carrying me over oceans and islands.
Look at the wavecaps, frothy and white,
so friendly, waving above the rocky shore.
It must be like Heaven,
so open, so free, so inspiring.
Hello waves; hello rocks; hello me
flying into cotton paper clouds.
All wrapped up in a big red bow,
I open the present.
Is it a cotton paper dream?
Is it me, fully grown,
emerging, ready for battle,
from my own mind?

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