Friday, September 24, 2010

Neptune's Sky

Neptune's Sky

Desperate to fly
I grow gills
dive into mystery
beyond thought or trepidation
Floating within the sea
bones of ancient mariners
cleverly collaged with living shells,
sparkling creatures,
sensual delight
Great ancestor Neptune's
flowing beard
paints heaven's landscape
coldest stars mapping constellations
transformed, animated, playful
I am flying

Folie à deux

Folie à deux
Me and you
In a world of two
Don't skip a beat
out on the street
in our nondiscreet
Folie à deux
Keep it clean
[Queen to Queen
You make a mean
Folie à deux]
I'm not fine
Sun don't shine
Unless you're mine
Folie à deux
Love that style
Hypnotic smile
Bewitched, beguiled
Folie à deux

Drunken Sailor

Getting to the source
Pumping the prime
Apprehending "Of course!"
Living outside of time
Exploring inner realms sublime
beyond question or balance
Fearing that I'm up to
the challenge
I may take this leap
wake from my sleep
break from my gilded cage
the excuse of my age
no longer strong enough
to make me behave
as society's slave

Riffs on a Theme

Watery affluence
unimpeded flow
to eventual fruitions downstream
Like stone soup
picking up valuable
bits and pieces
adhering into wealth
Casting nets for silver fish
Panning for nuggets
Leisurely sipping cool drinks
to the song of ocean waves
Open your veins unto the
ocean floor at midnight
drinking cool salty life
into your lungs
Who you ever were matters not
A creature of sea-change
swims apart

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