Saturday, September 18, 2010



Once Life and I have divorced
After the estate has been divided
(I playing noble disdain
have thrown it all to her)
I shall find a villa upon a hill
To paint my masterpiece
Discarded bodily fluids
Upon the walls.

Murals carefully sprayed upon
Bohemian brownstones
Sauntering down the city street
Lighting oily puddles,
Intellectual cafes,
Art houses, 
Freak show casas,
Anointing the effervescent night
Playing to the jaded,
The amputeed,
Outcast drifters.

There is a sweetly drifting tune
Meandering like wisteria
Is it a dirge?
A sassy New Orleans carriage ride?
Is it the beating of my heart
Spraying a trail of bleeding homage?
It is a wedding march,
Played slowly, out of time,
Beat by beat, more slowly

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