Saturday, September 18, 2010

poets' challenge

 poets' challenge
the challenge of love, ah the poets sing 
bells of the ages like weddings are ring-bearers 
tending to the tender souls who challenge love. 

first there is awe and laughter 
first there is oh so sweet petals of 
eternal Spring 
first there is me boyo, me flicka, me enameradae 
first there is passion unmet in this measure before. 

I love like a mountain gale 
sweeping goats and dales and moonshine 
into camaradic array, like daffodils 
sunny shining through miraculous fields 
meeting you here where no two have quite met 
like this, to kiss, to touch, to taste, to entwine blissful 
like none have done in all of the days of wo/man. 
seas of rapture sway and spray and rock us 
into unsung epic destiny. 
Yet love unwinds, 
unmakes us, 
ruins us for life. 

And life descends so empty 
on the drying seeds of 
now spent love. 

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