Saturday, September 18, 2010

serf's prayer

Am I meant to be
a sacrificial lamb
as the Universe goes about its merry way?
Is this why we pray?

If it's only me --
the great and wise I AM
engaging in some self-negating play
what the hey?
Life is whatever you make it.
So go out there and take it.
Never, ever fake it
and you'll be ok.
Or so they say...

Just a philosopher-poet
trying to ply my trade.
The skies hover nigh
but frightened I hide
in a sigh.
I daren't wonder why.

Gliding upon a silvery stair
closing my eyes to the world.
What wonders might I witness
if only I dare?
Is there any reason on Earth
I should care?
But what if I'm missing the thrill
that would carry me there?

Over the boundaries; into the wild.
Not a safe task to give to a child.
A quest full of questions
A fool's 'oliday
And, have I mentioned,
no promise of pay
Just a born again prayer
relearning the code
creating the tale I'll tell
when I'm old.

"Jesus wept and died"
I always wondered what that meant.
Is it an admonition to us to do the same?
Like, "Life sucks, and then you die"?
Or, if Jesus died for our sins,
did he first weep for our sins --
a holy pity party embracing us all?
So, our sins have been wept for, died for;
we carry the blood of the Lamb
on our souls.
Perhaps that would be best, if we
rejoiced and laughed and hugged and forgave
and generally enjoyed the feast of life
to balance the weeping and dying and love.
For enjoyment balances weeping;
life balances death;
and love, of course,
is the only balance to love.

"Papa don't beat me
I'll be good.
I didn't know it was wrong.
When Johnny peed in me,
I thought it was strange,
but he seemed to know 
what he was doing.
He never told me it was wrong.
When grandma made me drink
that nasty-tasting stuff
that burned my mouth and my chest
and made me so sleepy I barely remember
her boyfriend touching me.
No, I must have made that up,
but I never said -- so how could it be wrong?
Papa, don't beat me.
I'll be good.
I promise I'll never let anyone pee in me
but you."

I am not Jehovah's whore.
I am free-born to the Earth,
a child of the universe
open to creating destiny.

Promoters of the end times,
No conspiracy for mundane power
But intricately weaving out
underpinnings to prophecies.
Let violence and despair ravage the Earth
that those who cynically twist evil and good
may transport to their Heaven
miraculously escaping the horror and destruction
they have wrought.
Annihilation for their own elevation.

Spitting on divine art
Anger overtaking heart
Ripping the world wheel apart,
invested in childish rage.
"Am I good now, Daddy?"
Purging my animal nature,
ripping out the devils
under every bed,
I tell them, I tell them
what you said
about the Fires of Hell awaiting
those who love in unsanctified ways.
Daddy, will you love me, 
keep me safe?
My life, all lives, for You!
I humbly sacrifice 
all life to You.
'Cause you're my Man, my Holy 
Truth and Power.
Elevate my cause; it is your own.

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