Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shamanic Prayer

Shamanic Prayer
Interceding heaven and earth
dancing the chasm between
oh caste of my dharma
soul of my destiny
riding out on desolate plains
skies of colors, dark, forbidding
sending rays of electric 
necessity, intensity, urgency
leaping my heart, my loins, my essence
grabbing onto the giver of lessons
my liege, my lord, my spirit guide
my lips parched, fever rising
every time, every blessed day
spirit demands, demands, demands
quivering answer, conduit, lightning rod.
There was a river, winding, singing, running free.
Groves of trees worshipped by wild flowers
graced her shores, deep roots feeding
on the energy of life.
Beat of the forest running through
each seed, each buzzing bee, each tadpole
finding its exquisite form
rushing through its seasons
they whisper to me
quiet strands of symphony
speaking directly to my blood.
I am changed, charged with a mutant energy
building through my veins and sinews
pulling me into a sacred tradition
reason insists doesn't exist.
Test me.
Give me your pain, your sorrow, your utter despair
give me the very essence of your disease
give me the ugly unacknowledged child
hidden in the basement of your soul.
I have seen worse, done worse, been worse
in my days of schooling.
The fever has blessed me.  Burnt away the unholy
castings of the curse
the sacrifice
leaving me ready
unembarassed, unafraid, unencumbered
moving to the liminal rhythm
conjoining heaven and earth. 

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